About Dr. Hermann
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Are you experiencing challenges in your personal life?

           Struggling with your relationships?

     Wondering how painful transitions can lead to
                         something positive?

 I can help you clarify and work productively with these issues, develop your strengths, and experience a greater overall sense of well-being.

 I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Philadelphia, PA who has been offering counseling to individuals and couples for over 30 years. I help people with a wide variety of emotional issues and life transitions.
My vision is holistic, which means I believe that the body, mind and spirit are deeply interconnected, and that we can best grow and heal when these elements co-exist in harmony.

I place a high priority on creating a respectful, accepting and supportive environment that allows clients to move forward with safety and comfort. I find great satisfaction in helping people understand themselves more fully, address important issues and connect with their essential joy and vitality.


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Augie Hermann, Ph.D. | MedArts Building, 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 1515, Philadelphia, PA 19102 | 215.299.1234

Revised 2017

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