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We humans are wired for connection. When life's experiences damage those connections, we end up depressed, anxious, angry, and unhappy, often turning to unhealthy life styles including alcohol, food, drugs, and overspending. We suffer and our relationships suffer. Therapy allows time for exploring these disconnections and learning new skills for connecting to ourselves, others and the world, so we can live the life we want.

I have extensive experience and interest in working with:

  • People facing major life transitions and crises, including marriage, pregnancy/fertility, childbirth/adoption, parenting, career change, divorce , the loss of a loved one, and retirement. While such transitions can be unsettling, they can also offer enormous opportunities for growth and healing.
  • Artists: I work with many visual artists and writers. I find it deeply rewarding to help artists connect with their creative passions and realize their artistic visions.
  • People from other countries and cultures: I enjoy helping people figure out how to make sense of their worlds - the culture they were raised in and the one in which they now live. My study of world religions and history as well as my 35-year practice of yoga, has been useful in connecting to the experience and perspectives of people of diverse cultures.
  • Lawyers and other professionals: I have worked extensively with lawyers, teachers and psychotherapists, teaching them communications techniques and relationship skills that enhance interactions with clients, students and colleagues.

In my work with individuals and couples, I utilize a number of different therapeutic strategies. I have special training in two transformative approaches:

  • EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
    EMDR is an information-processing technique that has been proven effective in treating post-traumatic stress as well as anxiety, panic attacks, complicated grief, sexual and/or physical abuse, and addictions. Through a process of moving the eyes from side to side while focusing on a disturbing event from the past, these events tend to "lose their charge" and allow the client to cope with them with greater equanimity.
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
    This approach teaches couples how to resolve conflict safely, deepen communication and empathy, and rediscover the joy of being together.  Partners engage in a process called an "intentional dialogue" that allows each individual to share thoughts and feelings while being fully heard and validated by his or her partner.

                           Contact me for an appointment: 215.299.1234 or draugieh@aol.com.

Augie Hermann, Ph.D. | MedArts Building, 1601 Walnut Street, Suite 1515, Philadelphia, PA 19102 | 215.299.1234

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